There isn’t much about NBA life that Damien Wilkins does not understand. The proper way to prepare and the commitment it takes to make it in the league for nine years are both big parts of what keeps Wilkins going year after year. In fact, Wilkins pays such close attention to detail that he knows where to get the specific type of breakfast food he favors in every NBA town. “He has great basketball I.Q., and the thing I love about him is he always prepares himself to play,” coach Doug Collins said about Wilkins. “When you’re on the road you see him get up, he’s the first one to come down and he has a breakfast sandwich spot in every city. You can set your watch by him and I always believed that when you have guys get ready like that and have structure, it helps them play more consistently.” That ethic is something Wilkins picked up from his dad, 13-year NBA veteran Gerald Wilkins, and his uncle, Hall-of-Famer Dominique Wilkins. Pedigree aside, Wilkins’ ethic and attitude are not things that can be taught or passed down. After all, Wilkins’ uncle and father were stars in the league and didn’t have the same concerns as a glue guy. Wilkins isn’t going to put up gaudy numbers so he has to contribute in other ways. When Collins dropped Wilkins into the starting lineup four games ago, it was because he wouldn’t hold onto the ball too long. With players like Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday, the Sixers’ offense can get a little stagnant from too much dribbling.