Details regarding Tom Brady's contract extension continue to come out and Tuesday afternoon, we learned that although the deal reduces his base salaries for the next three seasons and significantly lessens the Patriots' salary cap numbers, the amount of guaranteed money Brady will receive over the next five years dramatically increases. According to Ed Werder and Field Yates over at, the $30 million in guaranteed money owed to Brady over the next two seasons is now $57 million to be spread out over the next five. That's a lot of cake. When news of the extension broke on Monday, it was being reported that Brady would be taking less money to play for the Pats for these next five years. Not so, according to today's reports. But who really cares? Regardless of the increase in guaranteed dollars, Brady's salary cap numbers for the next five years are all significantly lower that what he would have carried into this year and next by far. The $22 million he was supposed to count against the cap for the 2013 season was reduced to $13.8, That's an enormous drop off. That hasn't stopped folks like's Mike Florio from using snark to point out that Brady is actually getting a raise, while literally making zero mention of the incredible cap savings the new deal means to the team.