In a sense, the Toronto Maple Leafs did fans of the Winnipeg Jets a favour Monday night. With Ilya Bryzgalov in goal for the Philadelphia Flyers' visit to Toronto, and a stop in Winnipeg coming up the following night, it seemed likely that Brian Boucher would start versus the Jets Tuesday. However, after Toronto scored its fourth goal on Bryzgalov in 14 shots midway through the second period, Peter Laviolette made a goalie swap. Brian Boucher took over. He played more than half the game. Now it seems more likely that Laviolette will go back to Bryzgalov, which is good news for Jets fans, who won't have to spend the entire game jeering the goalie who isn't playing. Yes, Winnipeg Jets fans still don't particularly care for Ilya Bryzgalov, who famously dissed the city when there was a prospect of his Phoenix Coyotes moving there, citing the small population, the cold, and the lacks of parks as reasons he'd prefer not to go.