Six years ago on All-Star Saturday night Andre Iguodala shined, though he does not have a trophy to show for his efforts. What he has, are memories that come to the forefront of his brain annually. "I get reminded of it this time every year because of the replays," Iguodala said. "I forget about it all the time but every time around All-Star break they play the dunk contest from previous years. It doesn't bother me. it's just annoying that they keep showing it every single year." Let's remind everyone that Iguodala, who a night earlier had been named the Rookie Challenge game's MVP, advanced to the finals of the slam dunk contest along with then Knicks point guard Nate Robinson. If you have five minutes, you can relive the action and judge for yourself. Iguodala pulled off a dunk in the first round where he started out of bounds from the right side of the baseline while teammate Allen Iverson bounced the ball off the back of the right side of the backboard. Iguodala caught the ball in mid-air behind the backboard, spun around to the other side while ducking his head (to avoid colliding with the backboard) and dunked it with his right hand. It was awesome. And earned him a perfect score of 50 points.