It's never a good sign when Andre Iguodala mentions injuries that weren't prevalent when discussing his overall health. So when he was asked Friday night about gutting out a game on a sore right Achilles tendon, Iguodala gave this reply: "The knee feels better. As far as the Achilles, it only seems to get worse every game. You take the day off, it feels a little better, then it acts up again every time we go play." In addition to the sore Achilles, an ongoing condition that was made worse when Iguodala was kicked there in a game against the New Jersey Nets on April 23, he has also been dealing with left patella tendinitis throughout the season. Iguodala missed two games with the knee problem in late March. He sat out the final two games of the regular season because of the Achilles. Iguodala only practiced lightly in the day before Game 3, which he spent chasing Bulls forward Luol Deng and Richard Hamilton around.