Jarome Iginla and Joe Thornton — nosing ever closer to 1,000 points — barely acknowledge the existence of the milestone. The Calgary Flames captain owns 991 points, the San Jose Sharks captain 992. Both are committed wholly to shoving their respective outfits into the best possible post-season position. So that benchmark? It's not on their radar, despite the fact that it is actually within reach this season. "Thirty years down the road, it would be nice to think about," Thornton is saying Wednesday morning. "But right now, you can't focus in on it." Barely an hour later, Iginla is whistling the same tune. "Especially during this fun time of year, in this tight race, it's all about wins — it's all that matters," says Iginla. "It'll be something pretty cool, something to be proud of. When it comes, it comes. "It's not something that I've been thinking about." To Scott Nichol, the stars' reluctance is understandable because, mid-career, it is difficult to get a handle on perspective. "Once you're entrenched in the game, from season to season, it's really hard to look at your personal accolades," says Nichol, former teammate of Iginla's, current teammate of Thornton's. "Maybe in a year or two, you can say, 'Hey, I made a career out of it. I scored a thousand points.' As time goes on, you realize how special it is." The accomplishment is certainly noteworthy.