The only Jarome Iginla sighting Wednesday was a plain-clothes visit to join his teammates for a mandatory seminar taking place at the Westside Recreation Centre. The Calgary Flames practised without their captain once again, although GM Jay Feaster said he's "doing fine" and that they "anticipate he'll be on the ice by the end of the week." Head coach Brent Sutter was less committal. Then again, only Iginla really knows exactly how he's feeling after suffering from back spasms on the first day of practice almost two weeks ago. And Iginla isn't talking yet. "It's still a day-to-day thing. When Jarome feels like he's up to snuff to be getting on the ice, that's when he'll get on the ice," said Sutter, who did sound relatively confident his captain would be able to play in the regular-season opener Oct. 8.