The Cincinnati Reds swept the Detroit Tigers in a doubleheader unlike any other yesterday. Major League Baseball's first foray into the seven-inning game was a mixed bag. Playing 14 innings instead of 18 certainly made the long day a bit shorter and, on balance, the most deserving team won both ends.

But it was weird. Like watching a Canadian reality show or movie where everything is, like, seven percent off. The home announcers must have reminded viewers that there was less game remaining than usual 100 times, yet every time it was hard to grasp. Almost like 150 years of nine-inning baseball has conditioned players and fans alike to a certain rhythm.

All of this to say that, overall, these truncated doubleheaders are a fine way to negotiate the almost-impossible task of getting all MLB teams to the desired yet still shortfall-ish 60 game mark. They will likely be a one-year fix in a season full of experimentation and making it up as we go. With that in mind, then, I'd like to be so bold as to float a wrinkle going forward.