I think Mitch Trubisky will end up being a good NFL quarterback, but Saturday was a reminder of just how precarious the whole situation is for the Bears. If he turns out to be bad to mediocre, if he’s more the struggling quarterback he was against the Lions than the successful quarterback he was the week before against the Bengals, the franchise is in huge trouble. This has to work. If it doesn’t, the Bears will be in danger of becoming — gasp! — the Browns. Not to be alarmist or anything. A Bears-to-Browns mutation is harsh, I know. Probably overly harsh. The Browns are the Rembrandts of losing, the Mozarts of futility, the Picassos of scattered body parts. Their last winning season was 2007. Thirteen of their last 15 seasons have ended with 10 or more losses. After a loss Sunday to the Ravens, they are 0-14 this season.