While waiting out the rain on Thursday morning, Darwin Barney, Shawn Camp and Travis Wood played a version of the game H-O-R-S-E on a Fisher-Price basketball hoop. They maneuvered around chairs, lockers and a ceiling fan in the same area of the clubhouse where the Cubs drop a net so pinch-hitters can warm up and take swings off a tee. You later heard loud laughing and yelling through the walls of the closed-door players’ lounge. Yes, the facilities could use an upgrade, but it’s not like Wrigley Field is a terrible place to come to work each day. Why else would players – see Alfonso Soriano – cling tight to their no-trade clauses even as the franchise undergoes a full-scale rebuild? Nothing’s black-and-white at Clark and Addison. Everything’s gray, like the sky that framed a 6-2 win over the Texas Rangers, squeezed in during a two-hour, 37-minute window while an epic storm lefts parts of the Chicago area underwater. This week chairman Tom Ricketts guaranteed a World Series title if the Cubs get their $500 million stadium renovation/hotel project, which is obviously an oversimplification.