Although his pace has slowed down the last few days, Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton has been an epic home run tear these last few weeks. He's crushed 19 home runs in 34 second half games and 24 home runs in his last 39 games overall. Stanton leads MLB with 45 home runs in 2017. Only one other player has hit more than 35 (Aaron Judge with 37). Given his insane home run binge, there has understandably been debate about whether Stanton can crack 60 home runs this season, and maybe even threaten the single-season home run record. That record, according to MLB, is 73 by Barry Bonds in 2001. According to many others, it is still 61 by Roger Maris in 1961. Blame the disparity on performance-enhancing drugs. Stanton, as it turns out, is a Maris truther. He told Dave Hyde of the Sun Sentinel he considers 61 to be the true home run record, though he also provided a thoughtful explanation about asterisks and the need for context. From Hyde: "Considering some things, I do (believe 61 is the record),'' he said Wednesday. ... He admitted he's "at a crossroads" in an internal debate over what to think about all this. If PED users like Bonds, McGwire and Sosa need an asterisk by their name, he said, so does Babe Ruth since he only faced white pitchers. Stanton and Bonds, you may remember, were together last season, when Bonds was the Marlins hitting coach. Reportedly the two had a fine working relationship and that's about it. They were player and hitting coach, not best friends. Is that the reason Stanton considers 61 the home run record and 73? Possibly. He likely would never say that.