Some football coaches in the NFL have struggled with wearing their masks on the sideline during games. (Their wallets have paid the price, though.) 

Let's hope college football coaches in the Southeastern Conference, which begins play Saturday, set a better example for mask-wearing. Perhaps their masks (or gaiters, or shields, or face-covering of their desire, hopefully) will have some form of school branding or color scheme to match . Maybe, like New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, it will have a message written on there. 

While Payton's message went beyond sports, here are some lighthearted suggestions SEC coaches should consider having stitched onto their face coverings for Week 1. 

Nick Saban, Alabama Crimson Tide: "No Rat Poison"

Three years ago, Saban said positive media attention was "like rat poison." This will be motivating for his players, and he won't even have to speak to make his point clear.