On Lamar Odom: Moore: You stay in limbo up to the trade deadline. The whole thing with the move with Lamar in the first place was it made competitive sense for this season, yet it gave you competitive flexibility moving forward because his contract comes off the books. If you just move that on and you don't get a player in return, this team is not going to have the ability to come close to defending its title. I don't think they're going to be able to anyway, but if you take Lamar Odom out of the mix with what he could potentially give you, they can't stack up with the top two or three teams in the West. I know everyone is frustrated right now, but if they can work through and he stays and gets close to the form that he showed last year, it still makes more sense for the Mavericks for that scenario to play out than to get rid of him or buy him out.