Man I want to stand before you here right now and boldly proclaim I’ve seen the Lions’ next All-Pro defensive tackle and his name is Nick Fairley. I want to tell you about the 20 pounds he lost in the six weeks between the end of mini-camp and the start of training camp and how quick and still powerful he’s looked the last two weeks. I want to tell you the havoc he and Ndamukong Suh are causing the interior offensive linemen in team drills. I want to tell you that he gets it now. He understands what it takes mentally and what it demands physically to be a dominant and consistent performer at the NFL level. I want to tell you all the raves he’s getting from teammate and coaches. Like this from defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham: “The other day Tully (Stephen Tulloch) came off the field frustrated I mean really frustrated. We had a run-play-action drill I said ‘Tully what’s wrong.’ He said ‘I can’t get my reads Nick and (Ndamukong) Suh are screwing up every play that they run. I couldn’t get any reads; they’re knocking the crap out of everybody.’ “I was laughing because I saw it from the sideline. Going back to Suh and Nick playing together everybody in the league is saying the same thing – look out.” I want to tell you that Fairley is poised finally to be the star the Lions thought they drafted three years ago.