As if the NFL wasn’t already dealing with a thorny problem that won’t go away regarding the WFT emails (plenty of media outlets are helping the cause by looking the other way, frankly), the league may soon have another pot boiling over on the front burner of the P.R. stove.

The NFL has not yet decided whether to put Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson on paid leave because, as previously explained, the NFL doesn’t have to. the Texans already have placed Watson on de facto paid leave. The league has no reason to do anything about Watson if he’s not trying to play. Why create a headline and a debate topic by putting Watson on the Commissioner Exempt list when he’s yet to be charged with a single crime?

If the Texans trade Watson to the Dolphins or Eagles or Panthers or whoever, and if Watson then grabs a helmet and heads to the field, the league has to decide whether to let him play.