The Denver Post’s Nick Kosmider on Tuesday answered questions from readers about the Denver Broncos in a live chat. Here are the highlights: Is there anything we can actually learn about the Broncos heading into next season from their game vs. the Chiefs? Nick: That’s a good question. I’m of the mind that most of the evaluation that will be done by the staff heading into a critical offseason will pull from data that has already been compiled. That being said, it never hurts young players to put their best foot forward. There are a number of rookies and second-year players — guys like RB De’Angelo Henderson, CB Marcus Rios, WR Isaiah McKenzie and others — who could do themselves a favor by putting themselves on the radar with a big game Sunday. That kind of momentum heading into an offseason can be big for players. If Paxton Lynch plays well Sunday, does it matter since it’s against the Chiefs backups? Nick: For Lynch himself, playing well against whoever is put in front of him certainly does matter. He’s been on the field such a short time in his first two seasons that he can’t be picky about the opportunities he has. It’s not as if the Chiefs will present a new team full of practice squad players. There will be guys playing who have helped Kansas City win the AFC West this season, so it’s paramount Lynch performs well for his own future in the league. That he’s playing against so-called lesser players is immaterial, in my mind.