The people that fuck with baseball around these parts—and by these parts I mean the Complex universe—aren’t exactly plentiful. And frankly, you don’t need a PhD to get why basketball and football are way more popular these days than the national pastime. But for those of us who still cape hard for hardball, and so desperately miss its presence in our everyday lives, we'd like to issue a massive fuck off to the players and, most especially, to the owners for putting the 2020 season, and sport’s future, in peril.

Maybe that was a little harsh and slightly Russ Bengtson-y of me—if you follow him on Twitter, you know. But the fact that MLB is the American sports league best positioned to return the quickest and can own the sports spotlight like it hasn't in decades, yet its players and owners bicker about money makes me so livid I want to pull a Beyoncé and bash a parked car to pieces. 

So, with that being said, I have a brief message for the billionaire owners and the millionaire players from Complex's small contingent of baseball fans…


Baseball’s on the verge of giving itself another ugly black eye. Screw up 2020 and the players and owners could screw up baseball for a generation.

But baseball’s gonna baseball since labor disputes are sadly part of the sport's culture just like hot dogs, hits, runs, and the Mets missing the playoffs. This latest drama, brought on by these unprecedented times, couldn’t come off as more tone-deaf as baseball tries to carve out a financial prudent path toward resuming play. And as these negotiations drag on, with no deadline to agree on the terms required to start the most unique season in MLB history, expect things to get real petty, real quick.