oe Girardi has options when it comes to where he bats Ichiro Suzuki. After hitting Suzuki in the lower third of the lineup last year, Girardi yesterday said he could use the 39-year-old left-handed hitter in the first or second slot. “That’s a piece where we will have to see exactly where it fits with the other guys,’’ said Girardi, who will use Derek Jeter first or second if healthy and could use Brett Gardner on top, too. “There are question marks that have to be answered. We have to assume Derek is going to be healthy, but what if he isn’t? That can change. We have to see where we are about March 25, March 26 before we really put this altogether.’’ Suzuki, who batted .322 in 67 games after being acquired from Seattle, didn’t provide a preference as to where he wants to hit. “I have experience in many different spots,’’ said Ichiro, who primarily batted first or third in Seattle. “I want to be that player they say can do a lot of things. Right now I have not earned a starting spot. Right now I have to try and earn a spot in the lineup.’’