This morning I was reading through a little bit of the Post, as you do. I know that sometimes when you're reading the Post you have to suspend disbelief, and I know that sometimes the Post will publish content that other people might not touch. It all comes with the territory, and it's not so bad so long as you go into it prepared. But with that said, something today caught me completely off guard. I was reading an article about Tim Lincecum and the Giants, and then I clicked through to the second page, where I read: But a person close to Ichiro told me he strongly wants to stay with the Yankees because he so enjoyed playing in a professional, winning atmosphere with so many contemporaries near his age range. The friend said he can't imagine money being a factor, noting that to make matters work when he wanted to be in Seattle, Ichiro deferred $5 million a year on his last long-term contract.