Ice Cube isn't satisfied with where the BIG3 stands at the moment, despite the league's immense uptick in popularity over the past few years. For a figure as successful as Ice Cube, who has reigned over Hollywood and the music industry for over 30 years, taking the BIG3 to the next level might be his biggest challenge yet.

While it's extremely doubtful that the sport could ever reach the same stratosphere of the NBA, Cube knows that he has something with this league. The sold-out arenas and new TV deal with CBS prove that there's an audience, and with continued star power coming to the BIG3, there's definite room for growth. 

With the BIG3 about to wrap up their third season, we sat down with Cube to talk about the growth of the league, the odds that Carmelo Anthony signs up to play, his thoughts on Kawhi Leonard to the Clippers, the status of the next Friday movie, and much more. 

If you were to give a state of the union on the BIG3, how would you start that off? 
I think that I would start that we've come a long way, but we've got a ways to go. That's pretty much where we are. It's in a great place, but we can go so much higher. It can get so much bigger. I think... it's really about keeping the momentum going. It's all about adding new athletes and trying to get the best talent out there, be a part of it. And to put pressure on the established sports media to give it some light. So we're doing good, but we're not patting ourselves on the back yet.

What do you think the biggest draw for fans is to the BIG3?
The love of the game, it's a unique basketball experience. You rarely get three games for the price of one ticket. It's unique, half-court, how are they going to pull it off kind of feel. Then the basketball is great. It's what you're used to. It's what you remember. That's really to me what locks it all in is that it's just as fun as any NBA game, but the basketball is real and it's unique. You get to see star-studded arenas. Some of the best players that ever play, that's including our coaches. It's just a great experience. And its affordable. You really don't have to break the bank to bring the family out to the game. I think all that contributes for people coming because you can see a friend on TV. When you come live and see it live, I believe you're hooked.

The BIG3 is breaking through on social media, especially this season. The Nate Robinson shot the other day went viral. Joe Johnson goes viral a lot. Have you seen an uptake more in social media chatter and highlights going viral? 
Yeah, of course, and we want more, but just to know that some of our most exciting plays are starting to reach out there further than our push. We have a game-winner every single game. So it's kind of like that feeling in the park when you win the game. It's like that last point when you holler, "game. fuck out of here." All that is part of that feeling we bring. And I think too, mainstream basketball has adapted a few of our things, so we think that's cool too. It let us know we're ahead of the curve and not behind the curve.