The Rangers signed second baseman Ian Kinsler to a five-year contract extension Wednesday. Whether he will still be a second baseman at the end of the deal is uncertain. During a news conference to announce the $75 million deal, Kinsler said he'd be willing to consider a move to another position somewhere along the way. And since the Rangers have a minor league system filled with middle infielders and short on outfielders, it is a distinct possibility. "I think it's definitely possible," Kinsler said of a potential move. "I don't want to look that far into the future; I want to look at right now. But I don't see why it couldn't happen. Whatever it takes to win games. [Michael Young] has been very valuable to the club in his role. I want to be of value to the club any way I can. If that comes about, it's definitely something I'm willing to listen to." Kinsler will make $13 million in 2013, $16 million in 2014 and $2015, $14 million in 2016 and $11 million in 2017. The club holds a $10 million option for 2018 with a buyout of $5 million. If Kinsler plays all six years, he'd average $13.3 million per year. His five guaranteed years, however, are worth an average of $15 million. The Rangers' top prospect is infielder Jurickson Profar, a natural shortstop who is also playing some second base this season at Double-A Frisco. Though only 19, Profar could be ready for the major leagues by next season. If so, the Rangers could potentially discuss moving Kinsler to the outfield to replace either Josh Hamilton or Nelson Cruz, both of whom can be free agents in the next two years. It wouldn't be unheard of. Kinsler would be following the lead of Young, who was moved from short to third to accommodate Elvis Andrus' arrival.