Pat Shurmur made it out of Minneapolis and touched down Tuesday for his first assignment as head coach of the Giants. He met up with Dave Gettleman, the new general manager, at the Senior Bowl and together they will put their heads together to come up with a plan for how to reshape and improve the roster. Of all the players on display, one who could hear his name before any other is Josh Allen, the intriguing quarterback from Wyoming. The Giants, of course, will take a good, hard look at the strapping prospect, as they own the No. 2 pick in the draft and if, as expected, they attempt to land their future franchise quarterback, Allen, USC’s Josh Rosen and UCLA’s Sam Darnold will all be in the mix. Allen, a senior, is at this weeklong event; neither Rosen nor Darnold is a senior and are not in attendance. The consensus opinion is Allen will need longer to develop, but, in the end, his physical gifts could lift him above all the others at his position in his draft class. If so, he could be a match for the Giants, with Eli Manning at 37 years old nearing the end of his run. “Being able to learn from Eli would be fantastic,’’ Allen told reporters. “He’s obviously a two-time Super Bowl winner and super knowledgeable at the game of football. I was able to spend some time with him at the Manning Passing Academy, and he’s a great guy. So being able to go down there, [I would] soak up everything he does and follow him around like a puppy.” That is essentially what Davis Webb did this past season as a rookie — follow Manning around like a puppy, inhaling every morsel of knowledge he could. Webb, the Giants’ 2017 third-round pick, also factors into the draft equation. If Gettleman and Shumur believe Webb is a legitimate heir apparent to Manning, they can pass on a quarterback in the first round and address more immediate needs on defense or at running back, where Penn State’s Saquon Barkley would be a value pick at No. 2.