After a number of press reports focusing on his activity over the past month, Manchester City star Kyle Walker has issued a statement to air his side, and views, on the widely discussed incidents the player has been allegedly involved in since lockdown began.

Last week, The Sun ran an exclusive tracing Walker's whereabouts - alleging that Walker visited a party, before moving on to his parents, and then onto a rental property. 

This has caused the former Aston Villa player to speak out.

"I feel as though I have stayed silent for long enough," said Walker in a statement on his Twitter feed. 

"In light of the most recent article published about me and my family, I fell as though I have no choice but to address things publicly.

"She hugged me to remind me how much she cares and that I am loved. What am I meant to do? Push her away?

"I then travelled to my parents' house to pick up some home-cooked meals. Again, it's been an extremely tough couple of months for them: everything I've gone through in my life they have gone through with me.