Worldwide superstar The Rock made a surprise appearance on WWE's Raw on Monday night. He showed up, electrified the crowd, led everyone in a "Derek Jeter!" chant, and layed the smack down on a loud-mouthed villain.

Whether you are a wrestling fan or not, when The Rock returns to the squared circle it is definitely a must see moment. The Brooklyn crowd nearly lifted the roof off the Barclays Center when the "Brahma Bull's" music kicked in and he emerged onto the big stage to confront Rusev.

I did a little bit of research (since this is certainly not my area of expertise) and the wrestling "experts" seem to believe that this appearance was a one-night-only appearance that is serving three purposes:

1. Energize the crowd who have been critical of RAW's stale content over the last several months.
2. Put over the Russian Rusev as a legitimate villain who is worthy of a tongue lashing from "The Great One".
3. Set up a potential feud between Rusev/The Rock for the Road To Wrestlemania after the new year.

There are also rumors of a possible return to the ring for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in the very near future. It seems to me that the WWE realizes that the cure for sagging ratings is a throw-back to their best content.

Although pro wrestling is not in our wheel-house here at RedZone...we will certainly keep you updated in big moments in the world of both sports and sports entertainment.

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