Which is more likely: Steve Mason gets a contract offer from the Flyers in January or Steve Mason gets a look from Team Canada for the Sochi Olympics? Right now, it would appear to be the former. General manager Paul Holmgren wants to get a deal done. Under the one-year contract Mason signed last summer, he can’t accept an extension until Jan. 1 because of the CBA rules. “Don’t want to get into that at this time,” Holmgren said this week when we asked him about opening talks with Mason’s agent, Anton Thun, next month. This much is clear: Mason is going to get rewarded for his outstanding play. He is unequivocally, the Flyers’ MVP this season. Forget about Saturday’s blowout loss in Dallas. That was an aberration and not a reflection on him. Thun met with Mason this week when the Flyers were in Detroit. “Steve made it clear he wants to stay in Philadelphia,” Thun said. “I’ve seen him play. He let in three goals in Detroit, but he shut things down when he needed to. He gave Philly an opportunity to win and that is what your goalie is supposed to do.” That is precisely what every good goalie should do and it’s exactly what Mason has done since coming to the Flyers from Columbus for Michael Leighton last April. Mason is earning $1.5 million now. He figures to hit no less than $4 million because any long-term deal he signs will require him to forfeit unrestricted free agency which would occur after next season.