The Carolina Hurricanes are currently without a general manager, and that seat could continue to remain vacant if owner Tom Dundon doesn't dig a bit deeper into his pockets, according to a new report. During the "Headlines" segment on Hockey Night In Canada, the panel addressed Carolina's ongoing general manager search, which has included many potential, publicly reported candidates. According to Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman, information being reported openly about said search has not sat well with the organization, who may now be attempting a bit of a misdirection to try to keep information behind closed doors. "What Carolina has done is decided to go underground here," Friedman said. "They talked yesterday internally, decided they didn’t like how much of this was public and while they’re saying that their GM search has been suspended, I don’t necessarily believe that’s the case. They will continue to go at this but they want to do it quieter." Friedman said interview candidates have included a group of current assistant general manager: Mike Futa (Los Angeles Kings), Steve Greeley (Buffalo Sabres), Paul Fenton (Nashville Predators) and Tom Fitzgerald (New Jersey Devils). That information had been previously reported.