This was a breaking point for Bill Peters. You can mark down February 4 as the day he lost faith in his roster, in this group as currently constituted. The Carolina Hurricanes coach has had enough. Now he, like many of the 11,614 in the stands for Sunday's 3-1 defenestration at the hands of the San Jose Sharks, is demanding change. Welcome to the party, pal. Smiling sardonically at times, but clearly seething and steaming, Peters ripped his team up and down afterward, making justifiable exceptions for only Sebastian Aho and Brock McGinn. The coach's even demeanor only underlined his anger. This group has lost his confidence. It has apparently let him down for the last time. And what a letdown it was. “That wasn't a lot of fun, actually,” Peters said. “Obviously this group has been together, this lineup's been together for a little while now. Maybe there's some complacency there. … We can't put that group out again after that. It's unacceptable. They let each other down, too, in the room. That's not right.” And: “Is it a character issue? I don't know if it's a character issue or what it is. Whether we're in the eighth spot or the ninth spot or the first, that effort today is unacceptable, period. The effort, the intensity that we played at was similar to probably something you'd see in a neutral site in September.” Peters promised changes – “It'll be different Tuesday,” he said – but that's up to the general manager. This team has called out for some kind of reinforcements since December, whether from Charlotte or somewhere else, but Ron Francis has sat idle, allowing weaknesses to become bad habits and a lack of accountability to fester.