Tommy Hunter doesn’t necessarily like the reputation of being home run happy. Last year, he allowed a league-leading 32 home runs, mostly as a starter. This year, he’s given up three in just 4 2/3 innings. “You don’t like giving them up. It means people are seeing you well; they’re comfortable you in the box. You’ve got to change stuff,” Hunter said. It’s the same whether he’s giving them up as a starter, which was the case for the majority of last year, or this season, as a reliever. “I wouldn’t say it’s my downfall at all. My downfall is getting into situations where you have to throw strikes and not making quality pitches,” Hunter said. “Everybody’s going to give up home runs. It’s just limiting the damage and when I gave up home runs, it just wasn’t a good time to give them up.” He points out that Wei-Yin Chen allowed 29 home runs, and still was the Orioles’ leading winner, and he gave up three home runs in a game and won 4-3. “I think the mindset as a pitcher is never to give up a home run. It’s something you don’t like doing. Hitters show you up. It’s not like we have a chance to show someone up when we strike them out,” Hunter said.