As the Browns try to avoid the second 0-16 season in NFL history, coach Hue Jackson has some old business that is still causing a bit of a distraction. During a Thursday press conference, Jackson addressed his relationship with Isaiah Crowell in the aftermath of Jackson’s perceived failure to give Crowell proper credit for a 59-yard run in a Week 15 loss to the Ravens. “I don’t think I’m [on] bad terms [with Crowell],” Jackson told reporters. “Let me go back and clarify what I said. When I said, ‘All of us could have run through there,’ I was giving credit, not putting him down. I was giving credit to the line. That was a well-blocked play. When that is said, that means that there is a lane that is open. That doesn’t happen in the National Football League, and that all of us could run through. That is not trying to put Crowell down, but running backs, I said after that running backs in this league, they don’t get basically those kind of holes. You have to make those holes, and I think our guys have done a fairly decent job of doing that this year. It wasn’t meant as a slight to him. I will say it again, a lot of people can run through those holes. That is just what it is, but that is not putting Crowell down. I think we took it and made it more than what it was. Those things happen sometimes.” But Jackson said what he said when addressing the decision not to use Crowell more after the 59-yard run, saying that “[j]ust because you run for 59 yards don’t mean that — all . . . of us could have run through that hole” and that “[b]eing inspired to run is breaking tackles.” Regardless of Jackson’s latest explanation, Crowell took offense, as evidenced by some of the “likes” on his Twitter page in the aftermath of Jackson’s comments.