Hue Jackson won't backpedal on the backstroke. He vowed Wednesday to make good on his promise to swim in Lake Erie if the Browns went 1-15 again, and they're 0-15 heading into Sunday's season finale in Pittsburgh. "So how many people are jumping in the lake with me?'' he said at the start of his press conference Wednesday. "Obviously I've got to get wet. I get it. I can pick a day and get everyone out there, we'll all be in swimsuits and trunks and snorkels and all that.'' For real? "Heck, yeah. I got to,'' he said. It will also be for a good cause, to benefit The Hue Jackson Foundation to end Human Trafficking in the Cleveland area. "Absolutely,'' he said. "It'll definitely be for my foundation, there's no question about that.'' A reporter kidded that he might not join him because he can't swim. "I never said I could neither,'' Jackson said. "Just gotta go in. Somebody'll get me out.'' As for frigid Lake Erie, he said, "I'm going to do it at my convenience, there's no doubt about that, and hopefully I can get a lot of people to come out.'' He said he's obviously not happy about having to do it, but will have some fun with it.