Browns coach Hue Jackson wasted no time declaring DeShone Kizer the starting quarterback for the rest of the season despite his four turnovers in a 19-7 loss to the Jaguars that dropped the Browns to 0-10. "DeShone is going to start at quarterback next week,'' Jackson said after the first question about Kizer. "There's no question about that. We just have to continue to get better and continue to work at it. Just have to make those plays when they are there. He knows that. Have to take care of the ball better. Just have to keep working at it." Jackson then took it a step further and vowed to ride it out with Kizer for the final six games, beginning Sunday in Cincinnati. No more midgame benchings or sitting down for a game to watch someone else throw picks. Of course, if he had AJ McCarron on the roster, it might be a different story. But short of that, it's Kizer all the way. But the Browns, who currently have the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 draft, must know by season's end if they have to draft a QB with their top pick. At this point, it's almost a foregone conclusion based on the strength of the class. "Where we are right now, I need to continue to see him,'' said Jackson. "Let's let him play. Let's let him play this thing out. As long as he's healthy, let's keep putting him out there. I want to walk away from this season knowing exactly what DeShone Kizer is top to bottom. He deserves that. I know this is all tough for him. Week in and week out, it's the consistency he has to keep chasing. He just has to keep working at it."