Browns left tackle Joe Thomas recently said he believes quarterback Brock Osweiler is being groomed to start the regular-season opener against the Steelers. Coach Hue Jackson, after announcing that Osweiler would start the team’s next preseason game, was asked about the comments from Thomas. “I think our players all have opinions,” Jackson told reporters. “Joe is here every day and sees what is going on. That is good that he feels that way. That means Brock is doing some good things in the locker room and on the field. But at the same time, I think Joe knows that I get to make that decision. I do talk to our players because I think it is important. Our players know exactly what I am thinking all the time, but we will see how it all unfolds. There is a chance that could happen, and there is a chance that couldn’t happen. We are just going to work through it and keep going.” On one hand, it’s helpful for Osweiler to have the support of a guy like Thomas — even if Thomas didn’t say something stronger like, “I believe Osweiler should be the starter.” We’ll know a lot about Jackson’s beliefs before the next preseason game. “I think the major game in the preseason is the third game,” Jackson said. “I think hopefully we will have it all nailed down about exactly where we are headed and where we are going. I think whoever trots out there [in the third preseason game] has a very good chance of trotting out there against the Steelers.” Starting against the Steelers doesn’t necessarily mean starting every game.