In the wake of a report that Browns coach Hue Jackson may have lost the locker room, linebacker Christian Kirksey denies that's not the case. "Yeah, Hue still has the locker room,'' Kirksey said after Sunday's 20-3 loss to the Bears. Does Jackson have the confidence of Kirksey, one of the leaders on the team? "Yeah, as long as I'm playing for this team, I will stand behind Hue,'' said Kirksey. "That's my head coach. Guys are still rallying behind him. We've just got to get through this phase.'' Is that the sentiment of the whole locker room? "That's what I'm personally thinking,'' said Kirksey. "I don't know what other people are thinking. The locker room and the vibe seems to be the same.'' Kirksey said Jackson has been the same throughout this 0-15 season. In his second season, Jackson is now 1-30. "He's been the same guy, just trying to lead us,'' said Kirksey. "That's our leader so we're just following him.'' Kirksey's not worried about Jackson getting fired in spite of Jimmy Haslam saying he'll be back for 2018 and beyond. "No. You just control what you can control,'' he said. "As long as you look in the mirror every day and look at yourself and say, have you gave it your all? Can't live with no regrets. Everything else will fall into place. You can't worry about those decisions. You've just got to keep being the best you that you can be for this team. Be the best teammate and everything else will unfold.'''s Mike Florio reported on Saturday night that "there's a concern Jackson has lost the team'' in part because of his comments on Friday about running back Isaiah Crowell. Defending his decision to abandon the run in a 27-10 loss to the Ravens after Crowell's 59-yard blast in the first half, Jackson said "five people could've run through that hole'' and that he's looking for more gritty running on a down-for-down basis.