The answer to the question was staring right back at Philadelphia Eagles executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman. With Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon the topic of conversation during a pre-draft media gathering, Roseman was asked if the Eagles are uniquely qualified to handle the public relations backlash that comes with bringing in a controversial player. They were the ones, after all, who took a chance on Michael Vick following his release from prison. “I don’t know how many teams in the league have a pre-draft news conference that looks like this,” Roseman responded, looking out at dozens of reporters in the media house at the NovaCare Complex. “So I don’t know that I would say we’re uniquely able to handle anything. This media market, there’s a lot of attention. So I think if we’re unique in any way, we’re unique in that we have more people covering the team than other places in the league and we’ve got to make the right decisions about what reflects well on our organization and the people who work in our organization on and off the field.” Now a week out from the 2017 NFL draft, the debate continues in the host city about whether the Eagles should fill a big need by taking a shot on Mixon, a gifted football player with significant character concerns. In 2014, Mixon punched a woman at a sandwich shop, breaking four bones in her face. The incident was caught on camera and released to the public in December. He accepted a plea deal and was suspended for his freshman year at Oklahoma.