Injuries were the topic du jour Monday at Marlins Park, as Sunday’s victory over Cincinnati left questions about Carlos Ruiz and Ryan Howard’s health. Mike Adams also has missed the last seven games with a tight back. Here’s the short answers: Ruiz and Adams are going on the disabled list and Howard could follow shortly. Phillies team doctor Scott Sheridan and assistant general manager Scott Proefrock provided an update in the Phillies’ dugout a couple hours before Monday’s game. Questions surround Howard’s left knee. Howard missed Sunday’s game with knee problems and had a precautionary MRI. That MRI revealed “changes” in Howard’s meniscus, which likely means a partial tear and some inflammation. Sheridan said it’s unsure whether the meniscus is partially torn at this point. Howard received a cortisone injection Sunday and wasn’t available for Monday’s game. “He’s had some symptoms for a couple weeks, really nothing that was too bad,” Sheridan said. “But then a couple of days ago he told us, you know this is starting to bark a little too much. He wanted to see what’s going on. We’ve been treating him for a few days and felt like we needed to do a scan to see what exactly what was going on.” Howard arrived in Miami in the early evening Monday. Sheridan said he’ll see how Howard’s knee fares with treatment, and decide on a DL stint from there. The troubling part is whether Howard’s knee problem is related to the Achilles tear he suffered at the end of the 2011 season, one that sidelined him for half of 2012. Sheridan said any relation is unknown at this point.