Ancient, recent past and current history have taught us one thing when it comes to the Yankees: Never use the word never. Babe Ruth. Roger Clemens. Alex Rodriguez. Giancarlo Stanton. None of them were ever going to be Yankees, and all eventually were. “I still can’t believe it,’’ Dellin Betances said Wednesday about the Yankees acquiring Stanton from the Marlins, which is almost two-week-old news. So, when you hear the Yankees are “sniffing around’’ free-agent right-hander Yu Darvish, only a fool would label it nonsense. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reported Wednesday morning the Yankees are interested in Darvish if they can get creative, which the Yankees are good at. Creative is another way of saying the Yankees need to find a taker for Jacoby Ellsbury and a large chunk of the $68.5 million the center fielder is owed across three years. Ellsbury, who has a full no-trade clause which complicates any deal, was turned into a fifth outfielder with the arrival of Stanton.