New Browns personnel consultant Scot McCloughan is already on record as saying that Baker Mayfield would be his man if he had to draft a quarterback this year to lead his franchise. So how will that impact the Browns' plans now that McCloughan has been hired to help them out with the draft -- and maybe beyond depending on how it goes -- and is already in on Browns' draft meetings? In an interview with the Doug Gottlieb Show on Fox Sports Radio in October, the former Redskins and 49ers general manager revealed that Mayfield was his top choice from this rich quarterback class -- and even compared him to Hall of Famer Brett Favre, with whom McCloughan spent six years in Green Bay. "He reminds me of a shorter version of Brett Favre," McCloughan told Gottlieb."Tough guy. He can throw it. And he's very confident, and he's not afraid whatsoever, whatsoever. He's a battler. I know saying Brett Favre's a big name, and I was around him for a while, but this guy has talent." Word circulated at the Senior Bowl last month that McCloughan was talking up Mayfield (6-foot 3/8, 216 pounds, 9 1/2-inch hands) to Dorsey, and there's no question Dorsey likes him. But enough to draft him No. 1 overall? Or even No. 4? Enough to select him ahead of early frontrunners Sam Darnold of USC, Josh Rosen of UCLA or Josh Allen of Wyoming? In December, Dorsey told Sports Illustrated that he had already seen six of Mayfield's games this season. "I saw [Mayfield] at Kansas this year, in the OU-Kansas game,'' he said. "You're darn right he's a good quarterback, no matter how tall he is. Some would say he's too short, but I would ask you: How tall is Russell Wilson? How tall is Chase Daniel?" While several personnel executives at the Senior Bowl expressed concern to about Mayfield's character and maturity, Dorsey defended him.