During pressure-packed games, NBA coaches often wrestle with how to ensure their ear drums do not burst from all the noise. When the league resumes its season behind closed doors at a quarantine site in Orlando, however, coaches will now wonder how they deal with the uncomfortable silence.

"It will be different with no fans and the fact that you can hear everything," Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers said. "I don't think we need scouts right now because every time a coach makes a call, we're going to hear it."

And since everyone will hear what the coaches have to say, some wonder if they need to change how they act on the sideline.

"If there’s ways to hide play-calls or whatnot, we will be cognizant of that," Los Angeles Lakers coach Frank Vogel said. "If we have to whisper certain things, we’ll whisper certain things."

Can NBA coaches whisper to the referees, though?

Rarely do coaches bite their tongues when they become upset with a missed call or a loose whistle against their team. Without fans, however, it will become more likely the live television feed will pick up those exchanges with the men in stripes. They are not always suitable for family viewing.