Last Friday's Suns-Thunder game was rather unremarkable for the most part. The Suns were able to stay with the Thunder through a half thanks to some creative offense, ability to get into the paint, and two scorers that they could rely on. But they eventually hit a huge dry spell in the third and had nothing to keep their offense anchored, so they fell rather easily. There was one anomaly, however. Between 10:05 and 5:52 to go in the first, Goran Dragic was able to score 13 of his team's 15 points rather effortlessly. This event led to an early entrance for Reggie Jackson, who was able to hold Dragic to two points for the rest of the quarter. How did this offensive spurt manifest itself? Well, let's take a look. Play 1: Dragic Uses Quickness This play started off as a failed pick and roll on the opposite side for Jared Dudley. Dudley refused the play, leaving Gortat at the top of the key. He passed it to a streaking Dragic, who was attempting to go drive down the center of the lane. Gortat threw the pass too high, and Dragic had to reset.