It has been more than a week since Aaron Rodgers went on “The Pat McAfee Show” and declared his “intention” to play for Jets. That was supposed to be a turning point in this never-ending saga, the moment he made public what he wanted to do — with a trade soon to follow.

Well, we’re still waiting.

The Packers want a first-round pick for Rodgers. The Jets don’t want to trade their first-round pick. And so there’s a stalemate. The debate has raged far and wide about which team has more “leverage.” The reality: Neither team really has more leverage — and both should want to get this done sooner rather than later, especially with the NFL Draft looming in a little more than a month.

Like Packers and Jets fans, we’re tired of the waiting, too.

So we got Joe Douglas (Jets writer Zack Rosenblatt) and Brian Gutekunst (Packers writer Matt Schneidman) together via Slack and let them hash these negotiations out.

Here is the transcript of that (fake) conversation:

Joe Douglas (Rosenblatt): Hello, Brian (in my most Jerry Seinfeld-to-Newman voice). I think it’s time we hash this trade out once and for all so we can relax and enjoy the sunny weather in Arizona at the annual league meeting next week. Don’t ruin my vacation.

We are in a unique spot in that we both know the ending of this story — Aaron Rodgers will be a Jet. We just don’t know what happens before that yet. I want to get something done. You want to get something done. It is in both of our best interests to complete this deal so we can both move on with our lives. Don’t you want to unsubscribe from “The Pat McAfee Show” on YouTube? I know you do.