After just missing out on the playoffs following losses in the play-in tournament, the Golden State Warriors are most likely to get the No. 14 pick in the draft. However, when the NBA draft lottery takes place on June 22, Golden State could luck into a much higher spot.

Thanks to a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Warriors may find themselves with an additional first-round pick in the 2021 draft. As long as Minnesota doesn’t get a top-three pick in the lottery, it will be going to Golden State.

According to Tankathon, the Timberwolves have the best chance at getting the seventh pick at 29.7%. After that, their best odds are the No. 8 pick at 20.6% and the No. 4 pick at 9.6%. This doesn’t give the Warriors a great chance at grabbing one of the draft’s top prospects, but at 1-in-10, the possibility remains.

There are, according to most scouts, five potentially great players in this draft. If the Warriors get the Timberwolves’ pick but it’s not the fourth pick, then the best names will probably be off the board by the time it’s their turn to make a selection. But if Golden State is lucky, they might have a shot at taking these players at No. 4:


Cade Cunningham

A 6-foot-8-inch-combo guard from Oklahoma State, Cunningham has good size for a backcourt player and could be an intriguing choice alongside Stephen Curry.


He showed a very strong all-around game as a Fr., and his projection to the NBA is centered around his size and frame, ability to be a playmaker for himself and others, promise as a position less defender, his emergence as a knockdown shooter, and as someone you can rely on to take and make a shot in the clutch all in one


The thing about Cunningham, however, is that the Warriors are highly unlikely to have a shot at him. Many mock drafts have the former Oklahoma State guard being the No. 1 pick in the draft, so Cunningham would have to somehow fall in the draft for Golden State to get him.