Welcome to Major League Baseball's offseason where nothing happens for months as teams play what looks like a perpetual game of chicken with free agents and each other. Compare this to the wild flurry of activity that came almost the moment the NBA kicked off free agency.

This has been true for several years. Bryce Harper and Manny Machado - two players who should have been the most coveted of their era - took until February 2019 to sign massive deals. Part of that is undoubtedly on front office reluctance, and part is on players and their agents looking to maximize future earnings. Who can blame them?

For fans, baseball is an abandoned ghost town in November with nothing but slight variations on the same rumor floating around (how many players are linked to the Blue Jays?). We decided to look at a few possible tweaks to inject a little urgency and life into baseball's offseason.

Revamping free agency