As another NBA chapter nears, it’s time for our season previews. Well would you look at the Wolves… Expected Conference Ranking: 6th Best Move of the Offseason: They got Jimmy Butler for a potential 6th man of the year coming off of a torn ACL, the worst offensive player in the NBA, and a valuable pick used on a non-valuable player? Jimmy Butler is a top-15 player in the NBA. There are two other players in the league who can do what he can. And I’m almost positive the Bulls don’t have a way to trade for LeBron James or Kawhi Leonard in the near future. There is no overstating what a massive success the Butler trade was. The Timberwolves now theoretically have a player capable of leading a championship team (Karl-Anthony Towns) and one capable of side-kicking one (Butler). That they have Andrew Wiggins lying around as a spare is just a bonus. All they need to do is shuffle the rest of the roster to fit those two players and they’re set. Worst Move of the Offseason: The problem is, Tom Thibodeau seems to be building this roster to win the 1982 championship rather than the 2022 title. Taj Gibson is going to make almost as much money this season as Patrick Patterson will for his entire three-year contract. Patrick Patterson is better than Taj Gibson right now. And he will be for the foreseeable future. Jeff Teague is a low-end starter making $19 million per year. This should not have been hard. All Minnesota needed was three-and-D players. They were set everywhere else. But Thibodeau decided that his roster needed to conform to the conventional “point guard-shooting guard-small forward-power forward-center” construction that really only exists in videogames nowadays rather than actually building a team with players that complement each other. He really couldn’t have done a worse job building this roster. It is only a No. 6 seed because they have two top-15 players.