Ben Wallace wasn't around because he had to deal with the death of a beloved brother. Tracy McGrady basically called in sick -- probably sick of the organization that has become the talk of the league because of dysfunction. Chris Wilcox made himself scarce from the prying eyes of the media before the game. Tayshaun Prince doesn't talk in pregame and wasn't present after the game, which he missed because of a sore back. Rip Hamilton wasn't spotted until walking in street clothes to the bench before the tip. He appeared to be in good spirits. That left Rodney Stuckey and Austin Daye as the only players of the seven to miss Friday's shoot-around to answer questions after Saturday night's 120-116 victory over the Jazz. Both said they were wrong for missing the shoot-around. "I was late to shoot-around and made a mistake, and I wasn't paying attention when everyone was leaving and my phone, I didn't get a text message," Daye said. "So I was late to shoot-around. "I missed the first bus so I showed up late. But that's what you get when you make a mistake."