Back on March 20, Bucks coach Larry Drew confirmed to reporters that the team's star center Larry Sanders would miss the remainder of the season due to a fractured bone near his right eye. Sanders had undergone surgery in February after an errant elbow caused the injury; there was little reason for worst-in-the-league Milwaukee to bring him back for the final two weeks. Last week, the NBA announced that Sanders had been suspended five games for drug violations. Five-game suspensions indicate a third positive test for marijuana. Sanders later admitted to smoking weed. It was expected that, given he's been medically ruled out for this season, he'd serve the suspension at the beginning of next season. Instead, he began serving the suspension on Wednesday. Milwaukee had five games remaining as of Wednesday, which means that Sanders will complete his suspension this season, and be free and clear when next season begins. Basically, it means that Sanders doesn't really have to serve a suspension at all since he was not going to play this week in the first place. Plus, as Brew Hoop's Frank Madden notes, Sanders will lose pay from five games this season when he's making about $37,000 per game instead of next season when he's making about $134,000 per game.