As another NBA chapter nears, it’s time for our season previews. How many pieces do the Kings have in place? Expected Conference Ranking: 14th Best Move of the Offseason: Picking De’Aaron Fox No. 5 overall. The Kings don’t swing for the fences with draft picks. They bunt. They somehow turned the No. 8 pick in an eight-player draft in 2016 into the 20th-best player. Thomas Robinson was their actual No. 5 pick once. He and Nik Stauskas were both gone so quickly that they don’t even qualify as eras. There was a Thomas Robinson season. These are high lottery picks! They finally took a real shot on someone with star potential in Fox. It may work out and it may not, but at least they’re thinking like a team with a real plan moving forward. Worst Move of the Offseason: Look, I’m all for signing veterans to help set a culture. It was a really cool idea in theory. But why do they need multi-year deals? If there was any sort of market for George Hill or Zach Randolph, they wouldn’t be playing for the Kings right now. Sacramento had all of the leverage here. And yet, they still compromised their cap space for players who will never win a championship for them. Tony Allen signed for the veteran’s minimum. Why isn’t that the kind of culture contract the Kings are giving out? Why do they need to pay real money to players who don’t affect their long-term future on the court? It was a good idea that spun entirely too far out of control. Their Offense: Hey, this thing might look like a real offense for once! Fox will run actual pick-and-rolls, and Willie Cauley-Stein will dunk the lobs that come from it. Buddy Hield will run around screens and hit open shots. The Kings aren’t going to score many points because they are something like three years away from fielding a team with competitive NBA talent, but the skeleton will exist here.