When the Browns gave a five-year, $230 million, fully-guaranteed contract to quarterback Deshaun Watson, they surely didn’t intend to throw a wrench in the relationship between the Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson.

But they did. (Browns fans regard that as a collateral benefit.)

In hindsight, why wouldn’t Watson’s deal create an issue between the Ravens and Jackson? He’s a former MVP who has accomplished far more than Watson ever has. And Jackson hasn’t been sued once for alleged sexual misconduct during massage-therapy sessions. Watson was sued more than 20 times — and most of those cases were pending when the Browns paid and traded for him.

Along the way, Watson made $10 million to not play in 2021. Then, after missing a full season, Watson got $46 million per year on a five-year deal with every dollar guaranteed at signing.

Jackson has every right to look at Watson’s contract and say, “If that’s what he’s worth, I’m worth at least that much if not more.”