Given the recent reports coming out of the combine, it isn't a surprise the Alex Smith was sent packing to the Chiefs. Sure, you could blame the Rams for ending his time in San Francisco, but the 49ers certainly aren't complaining after receiving a second round pick and a "similar pick" in 2014. For starters, the 49ers now have a boatload of draft picks. This could allow them to go after players the Rams (and us fans) covet, like Tavon Austin in the draft. It would also easily put them in the running for trades. PFT linked them to Darrelle Revis, which would certainly give any wide receiver the Rams have on the team fits during divisional play. They have the ammo to make big moves, but they might prefer to load up in the draft given this year's depth at key positions. Most of their defensive players play every snap of every game, so adding depth might improve what is an already elite unit.