With the Knicks off to an improbable 9-7 start this Thanksgiving week following their rout of the Clippers, it’s time to offer up thanks to president Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry for their vision. The Knicks have assured themselves a winning record on Thanksgiving Day, regardless of what happens in Wednesday’s Raptors rematch at the Garden. After Phil Jackson was ousted after June’s draft, Mills knew one thing: The Zen Master was right that Carmelo Anthony needed to go for the franchise to move on. Mills then made a very sound hire in Perry, who got the organization to be patient in the Anthony Sweepstakes and not settle for a bad deal. Perry then effectively smoothed over things with Kristaps Porzingis once he arrived from Europe. Perry, late in the offseason, also convinced Mills to sign point guard Jarrett Jack in case Ramon Sessions didn’t work out. Jack has been their leader/quarterback/organizer since taking over as starting point guard for the season’s fourth game. Perry originally tried to sign Jack with the Kings in early July.