AJ DILLON FIGURED the encounter with a stranger at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport would be like any other with a Green Bay Packers fan who asked to pose for a picture.

They'd throw an arm over each other's shoulders and smile like they were long-lost pals while they either snapped a selfie or had someone else take it.

Not this guy.

"He gets down on his knees and wraps his arms around my quads," the Packers' running back recalled. "This is a grown man, picture of his kids on his phone, married and [says to his] his wife, 'Hey, take this picture of me with my arms wrapped around his quads,' and thought it was the funniest thing.

"I didn't know he was doing all that. I just thought I was getting ready for a picture, and before I knew it, he was down there."

Even Saquon Barkley, who has the thighs to rival Dillon's, had never experienced anything quite like that.

"That is where the line draws for me," the New York Giants' running back said. "I might pick up the sleeve a little bit and give it a flex for the picture. I've done that a couple times. I haven't gotten anyone to drop down to their knee and wrap my leg and take a picture with it. That's a little too far."

Coincidentally, it was at an airport when Barkley first recognized people fixating on his legs.

"This is when I first realized it: I was in Newark airport, and I was walking to get my bags, and I had short shorts on, people were just looking at me, and I'm like 'What the heck?'" Barkley said. "I had a hoodie on, and I'm like, 'What's everyone staring at?' And people were coming up and saying, like, 'You've got some really nice legs.' I think when it first started out, I was like, I don't know why -- it was males, females, everybody -- and I'm just so caught off guard by it."